Nature provides a wonderful way to remember who we are, since nature functions in the same way that our minds do. So one way I  teach this understanding of our minds is through guided journeys outside.  These experiences are less about nature as a feast for our eyes and ears and intellect, and more about a feast for our souls. On these outings we slow down and consider the larger 'something' that drives everything. Through contemplative observation and group discussion, we explore the parallels between what defines our mental well being, and what we are experiencing in wild beings around us. 

Learning from natural systems we see that the beauty of the workings of the wild are not only outside but inside us as well. These wild workings take care of us. Always.

If you are not able to come outside with me, I offer coaching sessions by phone. Then you can head outside on your own time, and see what you find.

I hope you will join me in this journey.

Rewilding Minds

Ways to learn about Rewilding Minds:

  • Outdoor Experiential Walks offered in Colorado and California
  • Coaching by phone
  • Indoor/outdoor workshops









All the above at customized lengths.

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