Albert Einstein said: "The intuitive mind is the Divine gift, and the intellectual mind its faithful servant." Einstein knew it was good to take walks or swing on a swing when he was stuck on a problem. He knew about clearing his head and trusting his wild mind. 

Since the word "God" is defined so many ways in the world, I want to explain that my use of the word "God" on this website is defined as the formless, mysterious energy, behind all life. 

When we feel 

our blood

in the streams,

When we see 

our own flesh

on the plate,

When we see

our veins

in the roots of the trees,

Then we will

know God.

​The intellect, that part of our brain based in logic or past experience or a desired future, is completely useless in resolving conflict within or between people. All space should be cleared for listening only for information and a way ahead from a deeper source, the impersonal, a life force that will bubble up inside all of us. It is always available, it always feels good, like love, because it is a life force. It only brings the energy of resolution, of the return of well being.

Rewilding Minds