Could humans work together more harmoniously?  A murmuration....of nature

Biomimicry is the exciting field of learning from nature how to live more wisely on this planet. My Rewilding Minds teachings take the application of biomimicry to the realm of nature as mentor in understanding our own minds.

We live in a great time, where there are many teachers available pointing to the same Truth of who we are. The Three Principles, as described by a man named Sydney Banks, is the most unencumbered description of this Truth. It has been the most helpful to me in my understanding of mental functioning.

An organization dedicated to help people learn more about the Three Principles, here you will find blogs, webinars, and videos.

Contains helpful videos of people describing this understanding. 



Rewilding Minds


My name is Margot Smit. I have a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in environmental dispute resolution, and have worked as a mediator on issues spanning international disputes to neighborhood conflicts, helping people dissolve the barriers between each other.

Throughout my life I felt a deep coming back to peace when surrounded by nature. So my parallel lifelong passion has been assisting people to also find this kind of peace, and dissolve the mental barriers that separate them from the rest of nature. I was a field science educator, and then became an interpretive naturalist for the National Park Service in Colorado. 

Unsatisfied at the effectiveness of teaching through the intellect, l traveled into the less scientific realm of letting nature teach people directly, through facilitating solo experiences in nature on wilderness rites of passage journeys, where participants were provided an opportunity to listen for themselves to a greater mystery.

But then several teachers helped me see something new about us humans that led to a fundamental shift in my world view. I saw that both what divides people from each other, and what causes people to feel separate from nature derives from the same misunderstanding: believing everything we think, regardless of its origin. Were it not for getting duped into believing what we think, we might see that we function the same way as everything around us: with a drive towards health/life, even in our mental functioning.

Ironically, once I began to experience the peace that came with this new understanding, I no longer had a strong need to spend time in nature in order to experience peace. I began to see that peace is always available, no matter how urban or natural my surroundings.

So I teach both outside and inside now, and by phone. Please see more under 'Offerings' tab.